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Hi mom' baby is 6months old..I'm started giving ragi puree. Is it good for babies daily food for morning.

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Hi mom's, my baby is 8 month old .. he is having difficulty while doing potty.. he used to cry when poop.. passes hard stool.. onle some day he do it easily by mostly he cry .. plz tell me what should I do..?? Is my food is affecting him .?? M a working mom .. he is bm and fm other than that he take other semi solid food also .. plz reply

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Hi Mums!!! Anyone using Johnson products for baby?? As I have used them throughout his toddler tenure, controversy in news worries me a lot... Though I am releived seeing post of winning their case but anyone who is sailing in same boat???

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My sun is 1.5 year old. Which shampoo is better for them

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My baby is in 3rd month when i can start giving hin other stuff except breast feed???

you can introduce solids to your baby after 6 months.

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When i can start givinb other food items except breastfeed to my baby he is in 3rd month now

If baby is in Breastfeeding then after 6 month

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Hii everyone.. recently tried minute maid nutriforce for my kid and am so happy with it's benefits..have any of u moms tried nutriforce.?

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Hi, can you please suggest me a good moisturiser for my baby?

The best moisturizer for the baby I felt was 'The momsco' natural baby lotion, which has natural, non-toxic, moisturizing and safe substances to treat your baby.

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Can I give septilin and glyzifer NM both my 4year old son. My child is anemic. Haemoglobin is 11.6. and frequently suffering from cough and cold

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Q. Looking forward to reviews of creams/lotions which are good for dry skin of toddlers.

I am using momsco baby lotion its keep the baby skin moisturise n soft

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